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"The Magic Of Making Up"
By: TW Jackson

Ways to Save My Marriage

Generally, when people are being threatened with divorce, they tend to panic and do all the wrong things. Most of the time, they push the person further into the decision versus changing their minds and fixing whatever went wrong. If you're looking for ways to save your marriage, I suggest reading into some of the tips below.

One thing you should do is try to reassure the person you will change or that things will be different. If your spouse is asking for a divorce it is because you have been unable to reassure them that things will be different in other ways and they are tired of it – hence the divorce. Instead, focus on actually changing. Take steps to correct whatever has gone wrong that is upsetting him or her.

Also, figure out what it is that made you guys fall in love and work on bringing all those attributes to the front again. Reminding your spouse why they love you and letting them see that once more is more important than empty reassurances.

Most people simply tell their spouses they love them repeatedly, hoping the vocal declaration will change their mind. Hearing it isn’t enough. Your spouse needs to see it, and feel that her or she loves you too.

DO NOT ARGUE! This is the worst thing you can do. Don’t try to reason with them or discourage them from wanting a divorce. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t fight for your relationship, just take a different approach. If you continually tell them they are wrong, they generally will have a stronger resolve against you.

Instead, AGREE with your spouse. Talk about where your spouse is right in this decision for a divorce. When you say he or she is right, they will eventually begin to defend you and change positions. This only works if you are sincere and not trying to defend or explain yourself. Take whatever blame you need to own up to – it helps get to the root of the problem and hopefully eliminate this root.

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